Our Guide To Surviving Freshers Week


Ok, so it will most likely all be blur by the time it’s over but if you’re about to start uni, freshers week is a pretty crucial time. You wanna’ slay in the style stakes, make new friends, keep the all-important dollar in tact and survive the dreaded hangover.. with so much to think about, navigating freshers week can be pretty crazy, lucky for you, we’ve been there, done that and got all of the top tips that you’ll need for surviving freshers week in style, notebooks at the ready girls!

First things first, make friends!

Heading to new city full of new people can be daunting but remember everyone’s in the same boat and chances are they’d quite like to make new friends too so don’t be shy, strike up conversation, join clubs and societies and be an all-round social butterfly, trust us, this is the only way that you’ll find the perfect clique!


Budget your beer money

It’s all fun and games when you’re making it rain but remember you got to be a baller on a budget when it comes to student living so as tempting as it can be, don’t blow all your beer money at once!


Have your hangover essentials to hand!

Let’s be real, it’s going to happen and you’ll probably feel like poo but all in the name of good fun of course so we can make allowances right? When the dreaded hangover does hit though, it’s essential that you have your survival kit to hand! On hangover days, hydration is key so stock up on the water in advance, invest in a comfy joggers and sweatshirt combo to ensure maximum comfort and have your sunnies at the ready to slay those eye bags in an instant!


Be yourself!

We get that it’s important to fit in when your just starting uni but it’s more important to be yourself, so don’t go changing, you’re awesome!


Make Cooking Communal

For those days when Dominoes just won’t do, wait a second, who are we kidding? Dominoes is great, all day, every day, but let’s be honest, with all of the prosecco and pizza that is sure to be going down, you’ll need some nutrients every now and then! Introducing communal cooking.. the perfect way to bond with new baes and save those dollar dollar bills! Stock up the spice cabinet early in the year and you’ll be giving Jamie Oliver a run for his money in no time at all!

No idea what you’re doing? Don’t worry, neither does anyone else..

Lost on campus? Can’t work the washing machine? Chill, chances are every other fresher has experienced the same struggle so ask for help, give someone else a hand or join forces and muddle along together, you’ll soon get the hang of uni life!

Embrace fancy dress!

Fancy dress tends to feature heavily during freshers week so whether you love it or hate it, be a good sport and embrace it, it’s all good fun and promises to provide the perfect ice breaker!


Give a gal’ a compliment

Now as a fabulous fashionista yourself, you’ll know that every girl loves a compliment, so when you see a fellow fashionista slaying in the style stakes, tell her she rocks! You might just make yourself a new BFF!


That’s our round up’ complete! You’re all set to take on freshers week, like the cool campus kid that you are! One last piece of advice? You can never have too many freshers week outfits lined up.. Shop new arrivals! 


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