The 10 Stages Of Christmas Shopping


It’s that time of year again, the season to be jolly, that is of course once the presents are safely wrapped underneath the tree. We all know that before we can sit back, relax and be merry, we must firstly endure that roller-coaster of emotions that is the Christmas present shop.. and just in-case you’re not prepared, it goes a little like this..


There’s nothing like the festive season to put a spring in your step and from the comfort of your sofa the prospect of Christmas shopping can actually sound pretty magical, you’ve got your list, you’ve checked it twice and you’re ready to make a festive day if it! All in all you’re quite the confident shopper, you got this..


Pure Christmas Spirit

As you arrive at your shopping destination, you are filled with pure Christmas spirit, I mean what’s not to love, fairy lights are twinkling bright and the halls are quite literally decked with boughs of holly, nothing could possibly get you down today..


The Fear

Stage three of the Christmas shop see’s the cracks start to show.. A sea of shoppers throws you off-guard and the fear begins to set in, you pull it together though, keep calm and carry on, right? After all we’re all in this together, nothing like throwing yourself in and embracing the experience, how bad can it be?


Momentary Success

You get off to a strong start, once you start ticking those all-important presents off your list, the fear begins to subside and that confidence creeps back in, in fact you’re actually having quite the lovely time, what was all the panic about?



It’s at this point that distraction can prove to be a fatal festive downfall, you’ve made a good start so no harm in treating yourself while you’re at the shops, it actually makes perfect sense, right? So an hour, two party dresses and that pair of heels you’ve had your eye on for ages later, your heads finally back in the game..



Then hanger rears it’s ugly head, you’ve been on your feet for hours, dealing with swarms of serious shoppers, your getting weary and you’ve not eaten since breakfast so obviously, you’re positively starving. It’s all about to go horribly wrong unless you can regain focus, now is the time to refuel, next stop, food court!


Round Two

So now that distraction and hunger have fully eaten into your Christmas shopping time, you’ve got to get savage! Your energy levels are back up and you know what to expect but time is no longer on your side, it’s time for round two and it’s every shopper for themselves.. ding, ding!


Closing-Time Panic

As closing time edges closer, the tension builds, your competitive nature sets in and it’s all about that final dash to the finish line, you panic, have you got everything? Did you make the right decisions? You begin to question every choice you’ve made today but there’s no time to mess around, you’ve got a trolley to fill..



You make it to the till point and it is glorious! This is what success feels like, you took on the Christmas shop and you won! Your mood instantly switches from stressed to smug as the till beeps and your presents pile up, you survived what can only be described as festive Hunger Games and you’re once again filled with Christmas spirit..


The Inevitable Forgotten Present  

Finally, you’re making your way home for a well-deserved mulled wine and you’re hit with the sudden realization, you’ve forgotten Aunt Sally’s present! Must have been while you we’re busy picking out your LBD, rage quickly turns to resignation, Sal will have to make do with a pair of festive socks.. it’s fair to say, you’re over it for another year!


So remember girls, perseverance is key and it will all be worth it when you see your loved ones faces light up on Christmas morning, just make sure you’ve got a mulled wine waiting for you at the finish line, chances are, you’re gonna’ need it!

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