6 Times Queen Bey Slayed..


There’s a reason they call her Queen Bey! She slays all day, drops the biggest hits and to top it all off she’s a wife, a mother and a badass business woman, it’s all in a days work for our girl Beyonce and that’s why we love her! To celebrate her 36th birthday we thought we’d countdown our fave hits straight from the Beehive, we struggled, it turns out they’re all our favourites so here’s just a selection of songs that prove exactly why we heart Queen Bey..


First up, we’re taking it old school, she’s always been a mega-babe but as part of the one of the sassiest girl bands of all time, Beyonce cemented her bootylicious status in Destiny’s Child alongside original gal pals, Kelly and Michelle, think super-sass with a good dose of girl power as we take you back to where it all began..

Crazy In Love

We all got a little crazy in love when this hit dropped, featuring Bey’s beau Jay-Z and jam-packed with attitude and sass, Beyonce strutted and shimmied and gave us all ultimate girl goals in that now infamous little orange dress!

Single Ladies 

Single lady? She’s got your back, she may be part of one of the biggest power couples in the world RN but Bey is all about repping the single gal! Oh and the dance moves in this video literally had a generation of girls sashaying around their bedrooms to YouTube tutorials.. game-changer..

Run The World

She’s not bossy, she’s the boss.. the original girl boss is all about girl power and this girl gang anthem proves exactly why Bey is Queen.. to put it simply, who run the world.. Bey! So girls, grab your squad and sing along because we run the world!


She’s flawless and so is this hit, Beyonce dropped ‘Flawless’ back in 2013 coining the still popular phrase ‘I woke up like this..’ and sparking mass feminist debate as Queen Bey featured author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s definition of feminism within her lyrics, whatever your take on Bey’s feminist stance, ‘Flawless’ was and is an absolutely infectious hit..

Hold Up

Hold up, when Lemonade dropped the world went crazy as Beyonce proved she’s still got it and it’s not going anywhere! The album got us all talking, singing along and asking that all important question, just who is Becky with the good hair.. rumour mill aside, this song slayed and we’ve always got time for a little lemonade..

We could go on, alas, we got work to do, so for now we’ll leave you with this selection of classic Queen Bey anthems, all that’s left to say is Bey, we love you, keep em comin’ and Happy Birthday you absolute boss babe!


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